Business References

Business References

1. Paul Bedford, Engineered Custom Lubricants: Paul is useful to talk to because he is arelatively new client. He came to us as a buyer client seeking to make acquisition1s and growthe largest grease lubricant company in the world. Paul is backed by a reclusive billionaire and they invested almost three years of their time in their biggest merger which fell apart.We showed them how to put that merger back together. When the billionaire vetoed thetransaction because of the unique characteristic of it, we showed them the second way toput it back together again. Paul will tell you I believe that we have specialized skills,specialized knowledge that blend an understanding not only of investment banking but thelaw and accounting that makes us a triple threat investment banker.


2. Brian Paramici: We sold the largest HVAC Company in Metropolitan Philadelphia. This tookone year, as everything imaginable that could happen did happen. The first buyer declinedto go forward. The eventual buyer lost one of its financing sources and throughout the entireprocess we continued to provide advice to our client Brian Paramici. You may want to talkto Brian, because he and his brother Jeff not only paid us a very substantial commission, butalso were so complimentary of our work. The compliments were appreciated almost asmuch as the commissions.


3. David Kessnich: David is someone we have worked with for many years. Our first transactionwith him was $68,000,000. He knows about our quality and our focus on detail and ourdoggedness to get the sale done. David’s company is the second most profitable privateequity fund in America.


4. Frank Petrizino: Frank selling the largest refrigeration company in Chicago. Frank’s closing isscheduled for December 31st 2014. We have assisted him throughout the entire process insome extremely complicated negotiations involving both the private equity firms and banks.


5. Ivan Dvorak: We sold Teng Associates, the largest private engineering firm in the UnitedStates, to TROW, the second largest engineering firm in Canada, for $115 million. Thistransaction took us more than a year, as the original interested buyer, Blue Point Capital, haddifficulty in raising the money.


6. Nancy Stern: Nancy Stern is a prominent mergers attorney representing clients throughoutNorth America. She is also representing our client, United Services, in the sale on theircompany to Invision Capital. She also was the attorney of record of the Teng Associatestransaction. Nancy Stern has now taken a lucrative role as General Counsel of a majorcompany in Chicago.


7. Frank Owen: He has assisted us directly in merger negotiations and has provided advicedirectly to our company. He has been instrumental in numerous transactions. His advice hasbeen critical to our success.7 He’s helped us in complex negotiations involving a $20 milliondollar merger in the mountain west where fees became a significant issue and helped usresolve those sensitive issues. If you are seeking an independent attorney with great workethics, not only is Frank Owen a reference for us, but we would be a reference for FrankOwen.


8. Lionel Fendell: I was recently involved in a transaction with Calling All Ships, owned by LionelFendell. Lionel got the highest possible multiple for his business. He is a very nice gentlemanin his seventies who is now enjoying his life.


9. Bob Hillier: We sold Mr. Hillier’s company, one of the most successful private architecturefirms in North America, to RMJM.


10.Ron Weinberg: Is running Carl’s Patio directly, was another successful sale we made evendespite the huge decline in retail.


11.Andrea Malik Roe & Bill Miller: CRH Holdings: We completed the first sale for them in theirattempt to role-up the urgent medical field. When a buyer is making their first sale, it issought of like someone’s first date; it is never forgotten. I’m sure that Andrea and Bill willtell you if it were not for us, this transaction would not have happened. This underscores thepoint that an investment banking firm is not someone who throws people in the room andhopes for a commission. An investment banking firm is there from the first document that issubmitted until the day the money is wired. It’s fair to say that no money would have beenwired if it were not for us.


12.Bruce Dalis: In March of 2011, PACS was acquired by Delta Point Capital. This represents oneof the most unique relationships that was tracked over six years where the client was initiallyseeking to raise enough money to stay in business and not go bankrupt and then based onimprovement, to sell the business for a few million dollars. The client was sold for $16MMdollars. The client, Bruce Dalis, will tell you that our ability to interact between the seller andthe buyer made this transaction, if not, it would not have happened.


13.Kevin Halpin from Delta Point Capital: We assisted in the acquisition of PACS. We provideda critical role in the sensitive final negotiations in the last month.


14.Bob Proske: We sold General Flange to Quadrant Management. Quadrant Management isa quiet, below the radar Private Equity firm with one hundred portfolio companies.General Flange was owned by a particularly smart CPA named Bob Proske. At 5 criticalintervals, it came down to the buyer or the seller, either blinking, and the deal was over. Ineach occasion, we engineered a fair compromise between the parties. At a critical point,our skills made or broke the transaction.


15.Pracs: When we met Jim Carlson he had retained Goldman Sachs to sell his company.Goldman Sachs shared with him that he should sell for $45 million. Jim retained us to do ananalysis of his company and we indicated to him that his value was $60 million. Based on theabove and other matters, he terminated Goldman Sachs and retained us. We sold Jim’scompany for $68 million dollars to KRG and Weinberg Bell. Jim has become one of the mostsuccessful and wealthiest men in North Dakota.


16.United Services: Rick Simon is a good example of how sometimes mergers get delayedthrough no fault of our own. We first introduced Rick to a company called Trivest, who madean offer, and was not prepared to complete that offer. We then introduced Rick to WeinbergBell, who also made an offer. In both cases, Rick’s company was not fully prepared from aninternal accounting standpoint for the high evaluation that was appropriate for his company.We then introduced Rick to Invision Capital, who recently consummated the purchase ofRick’s company. Rick has elected to keep a 50% interest in the company and take his companyto the next level. We are assisting him with his acquisition program now that he has sold hisshares and has partnered up with a significant private equity Fund.


17.H.I.G. Capital is one of the largest private equity funds in the world with aggregate capitaltotaling more than $20 billion dollars. We have now created a relationship with Don Taylor,who is one of the Vice Presidents. We have sold them a company called Akrion, but havemore than a half of dozen companies in negotiations. The Akrion sale was closed in 4 ½weeks from the start of negotiations.


18.Eric Mautner from Need It Now Courier: Eric and we are building the leading couriermessenger company in America. Eric has already done four acquisitions. We went to a letterof intent three months ago with a very exciting acquisition. The seller was not candid withus and we had to terminate conversations. We felt so strongly about it that we asked Ericto suspend our retainer temporarily. We now have an agreement in principle to acquire aneven better company and we look forward to doing 4 or 5 acquisitions in the future.


19.Michael Salzhauer: Michael Salzhauer operates the largest plastic surgery practice in theSouth. We have provided various services for Michael, running the gamut from assisting inprivate placements to consulting and to overall business advice. We are pleased that wehave assisted Michael in achieving the absolute dominate role in his industry.20.Dror Tohar: Dror Tohar is someone who we have worked with for 15 years. He was originallythe Vice President for Consolidated Photography, one of the leading photographydistribution companies in America. In that capacity, we have performed many services forhim. When he moved to Florida and open Trading Unlimited, we assisted him in many ways,both in the recruiting and financial services area.


21.John Rose: We assisted John in the sale of the largest private limousine company in thenortheast. We helped him negotiate and fight for his earn- out payment. That transactionclearly changed his life.


22.Frank Carbone owned 40% of Rosmar Litho Inc. We advised him on the sale of this 40%ownership share. The company was sold for $175 million dollars. We are now representingFrank as a buyer. He is redeploying some of the proceeds from the sale to make investmentsin high potential companies involved in non-tech industries.


23.Indiana Sanchez is the fastest growing brand of Latina skin care products in the world. Shewas Miss Nicaragua in the Miss Universe Contest and is a famous fashion model. She also isthe President of the IsProof not-for-profit foundation that helps single parents. We providedthe capital to Indiana to launch and grow her business. She’s become a superstar. She willtell you that her entire success has been amplified greatly by not only the capital we securedbut the advice we provided.


24.Cargo Enterprises. We sold Cargo Enterprises to Weinberg-Bell and represented CarlSmitelli. Carl was 73 years old and signed a 3-year contract. Weinberg-Bell paid $30 milliondollars for Cargo Enterprises and Carl Smitelli sold the company for $175 million dollars.What is particularly interesting here is that at the closing on day one, the seller walked outinto a snow storm in a huff. On day two, the buyer walked out into a snow storm in a huffand on day 3, early in the morning at 3:00 AM, the lawyers were congratulating all of us andserving us Hazen Daz ice cream. I think that Ron Weinberg and Carl Smitelli would tell youthat if it were not for us, this transaction would not have happened. Not only did it happen,but the seller and the buyer quintupled their investment when they sold it.


25.Dr. Roger Stanmore sold his company to CRH Holdings. This was one of the most difficulttransactions and a very small one. The seller had many economic problems that began tosurface one after the other. Time after time the deal had to be revised. People lost theirpatience on a dozen occasions. I think Roger Stanmore, who is a brilliant man, and both aphysician and an attorney, would tell you, had it not been for us, this transaction neverwould have happened. Roger has now given us a second one of his many medical companiesto sell. This is an example I think of how complex transactions can be created and they createmultiple relationships.


26.Steve Boden is a Certified Public Accountant that was instrumental working with us on atransaction on which we sold the largest grease lubricant company in the Midwest. This wasa drawn out transaction that endure more than 9 months and an upset when the buyer’sinvestor tried to modify the transaction. Steve, I’m sure will tell you that we were missioncritical in getting a deal done where buyers and sellers almost came to blows.


27.Mike Carnazzo was the owner of FSI. This company, although extremely well-managed, hadsome financial challenges and there were numerous stops and starts trying to get the mergercompleted. Mike will tell you that, “we talked him down from the ledge from jumping outthe window” so to speak, several times. The transaction was completed with a private equityfund.


28.Theresa Coe, Vice President – Amerilist. Over the last 15 years, we have been involved inhundreds of millions of database names with Theresa. She is a leader in the databaseindustry giving us access to complicated multi- merge databases of Dunn & Bradstreet andDatabase America. Theresa is intimately familiar with our aggressive marketing tactics, ourcredibility and the fact that when we give someone our word, we keep our word.


29.Leon Clements, League Medical- League Medical is one of the leading providers of medicalservices to the federal prison systems. We sold his company to the leading provider inAmerica of medical services who is in turn owned by Audax, one of the largest private equityfunds in America. Leon will tell you that we were there for him in every single detail andnegotiated not only a very attractive purchase price but a second and third paymentprogram that can double the amount of the purchase price.


30.Sam Beritela, JPB Partners- Sam is the Managing Director of JPB Partners. Sam paid us avery nice compliment in the recent acquisition of Ticknors, the largest Men’s retailer inMalls. He said so many investment bankers don’t perform a really valued role. You are oneof the best investment bankers we have ever been involved with, and without you thistransactions would have never taken place.


31. Bob Baskind- We have worked with Bob for more than a decade. He is the President ofTilden, a 100 store chain of automotive service stores. Recently we helped Bob create aPrivate Equity fund entitled U.S. Real Estate Private Equity. We created the strategy, thedetails, the marketing program and the source of all the investors.

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